2013 Info Sport Soccer Combine in Sarasota, FL

The Infosport Soccer Combine in Sarasota Florida started today, January 7, 2013.

On a great sunny day, 260 players are stepping on the fields hoping to come out of this three days combine one step closer to fulfilling their dream of becoming a pro soccer player.

The players are divided into 15 different teams, each being coached by a pro MLS, USL or NASL coach.  Amongst the coaches you can find John Pascarella (Kansas City), Ezra Hendrikson (Seattle Soubders), Tim Hanley (Houston Dynamo), CJ Brown (Real Salt Lake), and Aron Hyde (Chicago Fire).

After three days that will include training and many scrimmages, only 40 players will be chosen by their coaches to play in the final game on Jan 10.  They will be playing against the U-17 US National Team to show their true abilities.

Total Football Soccer Agency is proud to have Philip and Mitchell Lund from Denmark participating in the Infosport combine.  We also look forward to seeing how Mark Withers and David Kamali from Dallas, TX will do in the combine.

Prior to the first session, Daryl Shore (Fort Lauderdale Strikers coach) addressed the players:

“We are looking for soccer players who can play at the next level.”

Julie Lanzillo, 13 year owner of Infosport told Total Football Soccer Agency:

“Our first year, we started with 6 coaches and 80 players. We had more and more players coming every year to the Infosport combine until it became what it is today. This year is the largest combine we had so far with over 260 players.”

“I believe in the underdog and there is a lot of opportunity here for coaches to look at players that otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to see. The soccer industry doesn’t have the budget to go out and scout on a large scale like other sports in this country. Infosport allows coaches from MLS, USL, and NASL to watch all of them in one place.”

Total Football Soccer Agency is excited to take part in the Infosport 2013 combine, and we’re optimistic that great things will come from it for our players.