A Player’s Guide to Contact an Agent

I have been getting many emails from players from all over the world who are looking for agent representation. As much as I would love to work with everyone it is simply impossible. My decision will obviously be based on the talent and value that the player can add to my company and more importantly to a team. As an agent, much like coaches and scouts we get a large amount of emails from players who are seeking opportunity in the pro level to turn their dreams into reality. There is no bigger sense of accomplishment for me than when I can help a player make their dreams come true.
With that being said, I want to dedicate this blog and provide tips for players who are trying to get in touch with an agent.
When writing an agent please provide all the important information about yourself as a player: age, position, team currently on, and where you would like to play. Also, send along a CV and a highlight video because no agent will be able to help you without a good highlight video that shows your qualities as a player.


When you send an email to an agent, address it to the agent and use his name to make it personal. Also, DO NOT send the email with a list of other agents you have sent the same email to. The chance you will get a response back if you did that is close to none.
Video tips:
- Video should not be of a full game, both agents and coaches are busy and don’t have the time to go through a full game unless they asked you to provide a full game video.
- Video should be 4-6 minutes in length and capture your main qualities as a player depending on your position.
- Do not include a replay for every single play in the video! We can see it the first time and unless it is a very special moment there is no reason to replay it!
- Do not add more than one or two still pictures, they don’t help understand your qualities as a player.
- make sure that it is clear when you are with the ball and highlight yourself before you do something in the video. Many times players show a full play with few players touching the ball and it is impossible to know which player we are suppose to focus on.
- Try and avoid sending a training video or private training, unless it is only for a short part… it doesn’t really reflect who you are as a player.
Remember, your highlight video is your résumé and cannot only determine the decision of an agent to work with you, but also will determine if a team will invite you for a tryout or offer you a contract.
I highly recommend for any player to go to a professional video editor who can put together a quality video for you. If you need help finding one I can help you with that, just send me an email and I will send you the information.

CV tips:

- The CV should be roughly one page long
- Do not write about your experience at your early years 5-12 years old
- Don’t write a long story about your soccer philosophy
- Your CV should include your Collegiate experience, Experience in the Semi Pro or Pro level. Include achievements with your teams as well as personal achievements and awards.
- If under contract include for how long and terms for transfer fee etc.

This blog was made in order to help football players to get the best possible opportunities for them. If becoming a professional player is your dream, don’t under estimate the importance of working on your CV and video as those can open the door for you!
For any questions or direction for video and CV don’t hesitate to contact me at itamar@totalfootballsocceragency.com I will be happy to help.

Itamar Keinan