How does team spending affect the race to the MLS cup title?

In this post I wanted to bring up a very interesting point- the 4 finalists of this year @MLS cup are ranked 10-14 in spending.
All of them together are spending roughly $13-14 million this season… Just to make things clear, this is equal to the salaries of Robbie Keane, Thierry Henry, and Clint Dempsey alone (together making $13,721,899).
For years I argued that until the MLS will allow teams to spend more money on their players, we won’t see this league flourish… However, the recent results truly makes me rethink it all. One can argue that having only 2-3 DP players on your team cannot make a difference for the entire 11 and guarantee the team an easy walk to the final of the MLS cup.
However, when you look deeper into the recruiting process of teams such as KC, RSL, and Portland you understand that there is a well thought process of acquiring the right player for their club, their style of play, their culture, and its all within a budget.
No one can argue against the fact that the MLS level of play is getting better each and every year. The interest in the league has grown tremendously and the average crowd per game has risen for the fifth consecutive year
Did the teams that made it all the way this year figure out something the other teams didn’t? NY has Thierry Henry and Tim Cahill, LA has Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane, Seattle has Obafimi Martins and Clint Dempsey, yet they all lost last week
in a two leg conference semi final to Houston Dynamo, RSL, and Portland Timbers. The fact that one player on the other team is making the same amount of money as all the players combined on another team is just crazy to me.
I don’t claim to have the answer. I’m yet to conclude myself whether spending the money will promise championships in the long run (worked with David Beckham), but I do know it is a fascinating topic that raises many questions…
What are your thoughts? Why do you think the top spenders are already out of the race?

Total Base Salary
1 New York Red Bulls $9,981,939.42
2 Seattle Sounders $9,674,975
3 LA Galaxy $9,128,430
4 Montreal Impact $4,373,316
5 Vancouver Whitecaps $4,233,008.04
6 Chicago Fire $4,108,545
7 FC Dallas $4,076,343.50
8 Toronto FC $3,680,399.86
9 San Jose Earthquakes $3,605,241.50
10 Real Salt Lake $3,503,642
11 Sporting Kansas City $3,388,335
12 Philadelphia Union $3,322,942
13 Houston Dynamo $3,288,333
14 Portland Timbers $3,277,250.96
15 Columbus Crew $3,169,668
16 D.C. United $3,122,138
17 New England Revolution $3,047,932.63
18 Colorado Rapids $2,802,901.20
19 Chivas USA