About what we are all about

Our Mission

To provide Total Football members with the most professional services and take care of all their needs off the field, so they can focus only on being the great football players they are. Providing our services first and most from the pure love of the beautiful game, and carrying out uncompromising level of professionalism and integrity.

Our Vision

To change the way the business side of football is being conducted around the world. To become an industry leader as a result of growing respect from our individual members and the football community.

Agency Overview

Total Football Soccer Agency offers services that no other agency currently does. An agency usually deals with the negotiation process as well as finding a team for the player, but the job usually ends there for the typical agency. Total Football will not only find the teams and negotiate on behalf of its players, but we will also offer services such as a mental coach, fitness trainer, media advisor, nutritionist, and financial advisor from top professionals.

Details on what we offer Biography of our top FIFA agent Meet our talented players

Meet the team

  • Itamar Keinan

  • FIFA Licensed Agent

After 20 years around the great game of soccer, Itamar Keinan understood that nothing gives him as great of a pleasure as helping a player make it to the next level. “As an agent I have the opportunity to do just that.” Contacts in the U.S and all over Europe make Itamar a desirable agent to work with. … read more.

  • Eitan Azaria

  • Mental Coach

Eitan is a former professional football player, who achieved all possible titles in his career while playing for Macabbi Haifa, Hapoel Ramat Gan, and Maccabi Hertzlia. Eitan also has over 60 caps for the Israeli national team. Today, Eitan is a leader on the mental side of the game and is truly the best in the field.

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