My Trip to KC

I wrote this a little over two months ago after my visit at Sporting KC and for some reason never posted it here.  As you probably know, Sporting KC won the MLS cup this week, which by reading this you will understand why I wasn’t surprised at all that they did, congratulations Sporting KC!

I’m sitting at the airport, about to leave Kansas City after visiting Sporting KC for the last few days. In these days I had the opportunity to watch two sessions of the team, and the game against Philadelphia Union. Despite the loss, I still believe that KC has an outstanding organization, which is what stood out to me the most- there is a way! The club has ingrained a culture and a way of doing things from top to bottom and it is something that can be felt everywhere you go, from the locker room to the fields. The culture seems to be understood from the owners to the coaches, the first team players down through to the academy players. It is interesting to see the thought process of the team and the type of players that they bring in. One can say that with only one DP player KC won’t be able to win an MLS title, but nobody can argue the success of this franchise over time despite the fact that they only have one DP.
The new stadium “Sporting Park” provides an experience that is one of a kind. And I can only count two-three MLS teams that create such a soccer environment.
I do foresee a bright future to the club if it will continue to run this way. It was a great pleasure for me to be around… Thank you to everyone in Sporting KC and good luck in the playoffs!!